ABC's of Design

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ABC's of Design

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Level up your design knowledge with a comprehensive guide of terms and acronyms

A collection of must-know definitions curated and neatly organised in a Notion file.

Key features

  • Design Glossary with 200+ terms and definitions
  • Design Acronyms with 60+ entries
  • Multiple views (as table, board, gallery, list)
  • Periodic free updates
  • Changelog

Future updates

  • More terms and acronyms
  • Illustrations to better understand each definition
  • A section dedicated to the core principles of design

Why did I make this?

Because I was fed up with the slang of the UX industry. As someone born and raised in Eastern Europe, seeing how some of the "UX gurus" tried to explain simple terms and principles in fancy ways was both confusing and infuriating.

My goal is to make the UI/UX and Web Design fields within reach for anyone. That's where ABC's of Design comes in. Time to cut through the glitz and the glam.


How to download the template?

Open the template link, then click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

Still have questions?

Send your feedback or queries to uiboat.kits@gmail.com or tweet @UIBoat

I want this!


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